Quality Assurance Goals

The University of Crete sets clear and explicit goals to ensure and continuously improve the quality of our curricula, research and innovation activities, as well as the University’s scientific and administrative services.

The University’s strategy on quality assurance is translated into time-specific, qualitative and quantitative goals which are regularly monitored, measured and reviewed in the context of the IQAS. 

The University Senate approved the Quality Assurance Goals (#402/21-2-2019) and reviewed and endorsed the associated action plan (#408/16-5-2019). The full text is available here in Greek (pdf).

University of Crete Quality Assurance Goals   

Axis A: An international, forward-looking and creative academic environment

A1. Strengthening the international profile within the University

  • A1.1. Increase the numbers of international teaching and research staff 
  • A1.2. Increase the numbers of foreign postgraduate and undergraduate students 

A2. High Quality Research 

  • A2.1.   Increase research funding at UoC
  • A2.2.  Facilitate the development of interdisciplinary research groups and interdisciplinary research programmes within the University  
  • A2.3.  Develop innovative ideas
  • A2.4.  Develop joint research and development programmes with public and private bodies and civil society organizations 
  • A2.5.  Economic and social impact assessment 
  • A2.6.  Register and monitor research performance 

A3. Internationalization

  • A3.1. Participate in networks of strategic alliances with universities around the world with similar and / or complementary characteristics.
  • A3.2. Exploit the comparative advantages of Crete to increase the scope of international educational and research activities.
  • A3.3. Map and develop collaborations of academic staff with the world's leading universities and research centers.

A4. Knowledge transfer to society 

  • A4.1. Strengthen extracurricular channels of communication in wider areas of scientific, technological and social development 
  • A4.2   Promote achievements, best practices and communication channels for the dissemination of scientific knowledge in society

Axis B:  An attractive educational centre for young scientists and responsible citizens

B1. Education 

  • B1.1. Regular updating and accreditation of all  degree programmes 
  • B1.2. Expand the University’s scholarship provision to students in all  degree cycles 
  • B1.3. Increase student participation in mobility programmes
  • B1.4. Integrate new technologies in teaching and research and ‘train the trainers’ in new teaching methods
  • B1.5. Introduce academic foundation courses: introducing social responsibility, economics, sustainability; research methodology, evaluating scientific data, writing and presentation skills. 
  • B1.6. Improve student: staff ratios according to international standards

B2. Interdisciplinary and novel study programmes  

  • B2.1. Strengthen the cooperation between UoC Departments in the organization and implementation of existing undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes.
  • B2.2.   Establish study programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate)  in subjects in high demand from society and the economy       

B3. Nurturing the professional development of our graduates

  • B3.1. Strengthen the institutional structures for  internships and traineeships
  • B3.2. Create better communication forums with alumni 
  • B3.3. Survey of graduates’ careers and  their opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of their education at UoC
  • B3.4. Expand job fair type activities for final year students and potential employers 
  • B3.5. Organize complementary training programmes and knowledge updates in areas that increase the competitiveness of our graduates

Axis C: Resources for Development and Modernization

  • C1. Improve Infrastructure: to ensure and maintain the necessary infrastructure for  all academic activities and student welfare 
  • C2.  Ensure adequate funding and  improve financial management 
  • C3.  Ensure development of human resources and services