Degree Programme Accreditation

The HQA accreditation process makes sure that the study programmes offered by the institution meet all quality standards of the HQA and the institution, and that the performance and skills of the students graduating from a specific course (learning outcomes) are consistent with the intended professional qualifications that are required by society and the labour market. Furthermore, it is certified that the study programme meets minimum quality criteria, as laid down in EHEA.
Accreditation is the passport students need to continue their studies in Europe and worldwide, and increases employment opportunities in Greece and abroad, since possession of accredited degrees is critical for graduates wishing to enter the labour market.
 The HQA evaluation process for accreditation of the University of Crete undergraduate degree programmes began in September 2019 and completed in March 2021. 
Progress to date is as follows: 

Evaluation by HQA appointed Panel

Undergraduate Degree Programme

Accreditation Report*  &

Valid Period of Certification


22-28 September 2019


B.Sc. Computer Science

Computer Science Report (pdf)

25-11-2019 to 24-11-2023

7-13 October 2019

B.Sc. Physics

Physics Report (pdf)

14-11-2019 to 13-11-2023


13-19 October 2019


B.Sc. Biology

Biology Report (pdf)

29-05-2020 to 28-05-2024

20-26 October 2019

B.Sc. Chemistry

Chemistry Report (pdf)

29-05-2020 to 28-05-2024

10-16 November 2019

B.Sc. Economics

Economics Report (pdf)

29-05-2020 to 28-05-2024

8-14 December 2019

B.Sc. Psychology

Psychology Report (pdf)

12-06-2020 to 11-06-2024

12-18 July 2020 B.A. Preschool Education

Preschool Education Report (pdf)

02-10-2020 to 01-10-2024

12-17 October 2020 B.Sc. Mathematics

Mathematics Report (pdf)

08-12-2020 to 07-12-2024

12-17 October 2020 B.Sc. Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics Report (pdf)

08-12-2020 to 07-12-2024

9-14 November 2020 B.Sc. Sociology

Sociology Report (pdf)

11-02-2021 to 10-22-2025

30 November -

5 December 2020

B.A. History and Archeology

History and Archeology Report (pdf)

07-05-2021 to 06-05-2025

30 November -

5 December 2020

B.A. Philosophy and Social Studies

Philosophy and Social Studies Report (pdf)

11-02-2021 to 10-22-2025

30 November -

5 December 2020

B.Sc. Materials Science and Technology

Materials Science and Technology Report (pdf)

11-02-2021 to 10-22-2025

7-12 December 2020 B.Sc. Political Science

Political Science Report (pdf)

24-03-2021 to 23-03-2025

14-19 December 2020 B.Sc. Medicine

Medicine Report (pdf)

07-05-2021 to 06-05-2025

15-20 March 2021 B.A. Philology

Philology Draft Report (pdf)

21-07-2021 to 20-07-2025

15-20 March 2021 B.A. Primary Education

Primary Education Draft Report (pdf)

21-07-2021 to 20-07-2025

*The accreditation reports are in English