ICT - Information System

The QAU operates an information system to manage the data required for the implementation of the Internal Quality Assurance System. 

The UoC system currently supports the following: 

On-line Course Evaluation     
Electronic evaluation processes 
Evaluation schedule
Statistical Analysis

On-line Inventory Reports
Teaching and Course Inventories 
Statistical Analysis

Quality Data
HQA-OPESP: Integrated National Quality Information System

File Sharing Application
Instructions and portal access

Access to data content, procedures and questionnaires is granted according to your (verified) status within the University.  

For example, Department Secretaries can create student evaluation questionnaires for undergraduate and postgraduate courses, export the results and statistics, and forward them to those responsible for the survey analyses and feedback.

Teaching staff (faculty, special teaching staff and lab instructors, adjunct lecturers) can complete their respective teacher census and course inventories.

Heads of Departments and Internal Evaluation Group (OMEA) Coordinators can monitor the electronic evaluation process as well as the annual inventory reports produced by the system.

The system is currently available in Greek-only.  

For non-Greek speakers wishing to access the system, contact us at:  support_AT_modip.uoc.gr  or use the contact form.