Students' participation in Q.A.U.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students and doctoral candidates play an active role in the Quality Assurance Unit (Q.A.U.) of the University of Crete (Government Gazette B'4656/8-10-2021). Their representatives are appointed by their respective associations or through their application directly to the Q.A.U.

The term of office of students and doctoral candidates at the Q.A.U. is one year. It is a prerequisite that they do not graduate before the end of their term of office in the Q.A.U.

The representative of undergraduate students must be enrolled in a semester longer than the 2nd semester and the one with the highest ECTS grade per semester is selected.

The representative of postgraduate students should be enrolled in a semester older than the 1st semester and the doctoral candidate in a year older than the 1st semester. The nomination of a representative for these categories is done by drawing lots.


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